Residential Planning and Development

The beginning of any project starts with an idea and a plan. Morelia Group assists with the planning of your new home from concept to construction. Our mission is to facilitate entire projects from the initial concept to site selection and design. Our team will provide professionals necessary to complete the perfect project on time and within budget. Morelia Group will walk you through all the phases of your project from financial advisory, property acquisition, permitting and zoning to building completion.


House Blueprint

We sit down with you and help you find create your perfect home design. Custom designs are great, because we love modern projects that utilize the latest innovations in home design. We have some of the best architects and development crews, both nationally and internationally, to assist with projects worldwide.



Morelia Group assists with the planning of your new home, or subdivision. We love working with just about any size of project whether its down in South America or here locally in the USA. We help you come up with a plan of action, from finding the right architect to hiring the right construction crew to do the job.



Morelia Group helps you build the home of your dreams and within budget. From subdivision development to single home design, Morelia Group will be there with you from the beginning to the end. We can also assist your project financially as well. Let us help you build that home you have always wanted!



While the planning and design phases may be more interesting and exciting than construction, and we all know that someone must research who is handling the engineers, construction crews, ordering materials, and the list goes on. Let Morelia Group handle all these tasks and more for you.